the media portraying country music

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Country music.

Most people hate it. They say "I love everything, but country".

The thought of living to people sing about fishing, beer, trucks, girls, and hunting makes people sick. But that's not all that country is.

Yes, I will admit that most country is about all those things above, but there is such a variety of country songs that steer clear of it.

When the media wants you to think about country music, it wants you to think about the "conservative" activities that they sing about. But many country singers love to write songs about our world and about times we can all relate to. The media portrays country music as being very conservative by using country singers such as, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Florida Georgia Line, and Zac Brown band, who all constantly sing about booze, hunting, girls, fishing, and trucks. Most people don't want to listen to these singers, and that's totally reasonable, just dont shit on all count…

a fishing experience buds.

Howdy! In todays Blog we will be talking about a Redneck "Sport", fishing!!

Fishing is personally one of my favorite hobbies to do. I love the feeling of being knee deep in the water, casting my rod over and over hoping to get a bite, feeling of the first fish of the day getting snagged upon your lure, and finally the feeling of holding up your prize fish and kissing it. Yup you read that right. IM A FISH KISSER.

I love fishing so much I kiss every fish I catch. To some people fishing is something they do with their grandpas on a Sunday afternoon, but to me its so much more.

Ever since I was a kid I was fishing. I would spend hours in the hot sun fishing with my dad, and I really saw him as a man after that. As a kid I was inspired to be more like my dad. I wanted to be my dad, the guy to catch the biggest fish and the guy to cast the longest. Anyways as I grew up I got more into fishing. I ditched my grandpas rod and moved up to a shorter river fishing rod. I stopped tying…

Data Minding- The Persuaders (NOT CLICKBAIT! I SWEAR!)

Howdy folk!

Howdy again! Welcome to Fletcher Bloggo. YEE HAW!

Today we will be talking about The Persuaders. In the Persuaders a tactic called Data minding is talked about, and how it's sued in the advertisement in our everyday life. Data minding is the practice of examining large databases in order to generate new information. In simpler words, if you shopped on amazon for a fork, you'll start seeing ads for forks on websites and emails. It's creepy.

Some tactics that are used to Data minding the American consumer, tracking patterns, Classification, Association, Outlier detection, Clustering, Regression, Prediction. Scary to think that someone knows everything about you based on your search history. Keep that private brokers up boys and those YouTube videos G, or it all could be used against you. Hahaha just little joke is kinda funny. Linked below is the 9 laws concerning the process of Data minding and how it's not illegal. Scary huh!…

Country Music and Redneck Jams (NOT CLICKBAIT!!)

Howdy folks!! Its Fletcher and I'm back with another Blog!

Again Howdy! In todays post we're going to be talking about Country Music and Redneck Jams, personally some of my favorite music. First off, country isn't just about talking about burden, ranches, hunting, fishing, trucks, and well you get it. A new wave of country music has been rode into the digital world of music. For instance a new country singer, Thomas Rhett, has been making a combination of country and pop music, which I call Country Pop (real original eh?). Personally I really like it. He adds beats from some new up-to-date music to old country songs, and adds his own "sparkle". One of my favorite songs of his, VHS, was included in his 2019 album, Center Point Road, talking about his home town.
(Great song)

But yes, there is still some old, regular, basic, country songs out here. I've made countless country songs on Spotify. I find country songs are g…

My Relationship with Media. Media Blog 1 (NOT CLICKBAIT!!!!!)

Hi. This is Fletchers Blog.

For todays episode we are going to explore my relationship with media.
My relationship is simple. I watch tv shows that I enjoy, I browse the news looking at local and global events, I watch YouTube videos that explore my likings, and I enjoy communicating with my friends via social media.
On YouTube I enjoy watching fishing videos and wilderness videos, I do enjoy other redneck videos, but that's for another blog. The video down below is one of my favorite fishing vidoes.

I like to watch Tv shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, That 70s Show, and Brooklyn 99. I especially like The Office for its humorous jokes and "Thats What She Said Humor" (Watch this)

On social media I like to send funny videos and pictures to my friends. Sometimes I can find it as a way to cheer myself up by surrounding myself with posts that humor me. For the past few weeks I have gone Ins…